Landon’s Music Pick: Ladyhawke – Paris is Burning

I came across Ladyhawke this weekend when a friend of mine pulled out his iPhone and connected into my sound system.  I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this remix.  It’s not quite the dancefloor filler material you’d expect to hear at the gay bar, but it’s got an awesome groove to it and it’s definitely house party worthy.

Ladyhawke, or Phillipa “Pip” Brown, hails from Wellington, New Zealand.  She has toured with the Ting Tings and her song “Paris is Burning” was featured at the prestigious Chanel and Topshop runway shows in 2008.  According to Wikipedia, Christina Aguilera has done a cover of Brown’s song, “My Delirium” for her upcoming album; however, Brown has yet to be contacted by Aguilera regarding the rip-off.

Check out the album version of “Paris is Burning” then check out the Cut Copy remix below it and let me know what you think.

  • Aaron will be flattered. this remix is golden — as is almost anything that cut / copy put their hands on. Isn’t it nice to get away from yet another lady gaga remix?

  • james.e.j

    if you like that you’ll love this….hopefully!!

  • Brad

    I loveeee ladyhawke! “Paris is burning is awesome, but my personal fav has to be “Back of the Van”

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