‘Ladyboys’ Gender Reassignment Documentary Series: Watch Ep.1 & Ep.2

“It’s said that the best looking girls in Thailand… are men.” A new series on OUTtv called Ladyboys investigates gender-reassignment surgery in Thailand, following transsexuals as they challenge perceptions to achieve financial success in their chosen careers and fight national law to be officially accepted as women.

One familiar face on the series is Belle Nuntita. She took the world by storm when she auditioned on Thailand’s Got Talent. She first sang beatifully as a women, then took the audience by surprise by tapping into her deep, masculine voice revealing that she was transgender.

One of the Ladyboys explains, “My mind is not wrong, my mind is correct, but my body is wrong.” Around 1% of the Thai population are Ladyboys – men who use hormones and surgery to become females. It’s a very interesting show and if you haven’t check it out yet, you can watch the first two episodes of the series below.

‘Ladyboys’ Episode 1

‘Ladyboys’ Episode 2

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