Originally scheduled to debut this Thursday on MTV, Lady Gaga has debuted the music video for “You and I” online ahead of schedule. Perhaps a birthday present to Madonna? The slower, country blue grass feeling song stands out amongst the other songs on her album (genre-wise) and I’m sure also attracts a new set of country monsters.

The video opens with Gaga walking down the highway, having walked from New York To Nebraska to find the guy she’s been in love with for six long years. This scene is intertwined with creepy clips, that somewhat make sense later on. I’m thinking it all comes down to a mermaid in love with a man…who has potentially figured out a way to make her human? But wait…there’s more.

This video is a lot of things. Gaga, as usual, has so many different looks in the video, including: Dressed in black with a fancy black hat on the highway (then beach), in her blue wig dancing with her backup dancers in a barn, then as a mermaid in a tub having sex with her man, then Gaga strapped to some sort of Frankenstein-esque device, then a plain blonde Gaga playing the piano with Drag Gaga sitting on top. Also, there are more Gagas, but I’ll stop there. It’s definitely very interesting to watch and no other artist would come up with a video like this to complement a song like “You and I”. Only Gaga. Enjoy the video below!