Lady Gaga Is Vogue’s Dream Girl For 2012 September Issue Cover

Scoring the cover of Vogue’s September issue is like winning a gold medal in the fashion Olympics. It’s the issue Anna Wintour and her minions work tirelessly on all year long. Just watch the awesome 2009 documentary titled “The September Issue” to see what is entailed to bring the issue together. This year they must’ve worked even harder since the 2012 issue is a total of 946 pages, -the largest ever for the publication. The 26-year-old singer unveiled the cover on her new social network, posting:

“SHH DONT TELL TWITTER/ SEPT ISSUE OF VOGUE MAGAZINE/ Sorry Anna but the underground kids deserve it. bisous!”

Who better to grace the cover of the extra-large issue than larger-than-life pop icon Lady Gaga? This marks the second time she’s landed the cover. The first time occurred in March 2011. With a new album, “ARTPOP“, to promote, Gaga must’ve been elated to score the essential Fall fashion bible for fashionistas everywhere. In the issue, Gaga talks about having sex on beaches, her world tour, launching her perfume, fashion risks and her music.

“I don’t really make records for people to listen to and go, ‘Wow, she’s a genius’. I’d really like you to order a drink, maybe kiss the person you came with that evening or rediscover something about your past that makes you feel even more brave.” – Lady Gaga

Doesn’t Gaga look gorgeous in a fuchsia Marc Jacobs mermaid gown?

Loving the pink hat. What do you think of her cover? Do you think she’s worthy to land the coveted issue? Sound off below. For more information about Lady Gaga’s Vogue September issue, head over to

  • Jay

    She’s perfect for the cover.

  • Tissues

    Good, but nothing that stands out 🙁

  • JMC

    A bit too historic and prestigious a cover for her to land however they’re no dummies, her fans are suckers and buy anything branded with her. Classic stunning M&M images though, airbrush the subject until there’s beauty.

  • Chris

    She looks gorgeous. Nice and simple!

  • I love it- gaga with class and grace.

  • Bobby Cox

    i thought we had gotten rid of this women..months without hearing about her..then this..and then she’s in a rodriguez film…and then her new album..ugh! LOL!

  • Ray

    I like GAGA, but I have to admit, she looks horrible in these pictures.

  • Belladonna

    Gaga, Give them hell Helen Honey! Stone Wall riot Drag Queen fierceness!!!!!!! 10. 10. 10. 10. Even Ru said she is the Winnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

  • Ian

    when will your fave

  • ger

    I miss the days when models appeared on the covers of fashion magazines.

  • hunter

    : ( so disappointing.
    Vogue’s standards are lowering by the day.

  • Indiana

    She looks sweet here. I like it, but don’t love it.

  • Chris

    I like it, it’s a change from the usual loudness. I find Gaga is trying to be more polished each time she makes an appearance, and kudos to her for that!