Lady Gaga Telephone Parody (feat. Beyonce)


This is actually really funny. Actually, funniest spoof I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a spoof on the recently released Telephone (feat. Beyonce) video. The premise is the same, but this parody is more about Lady Gaga trying to make Beyonce be in her weird video, with B being kind of hesitant.

Favorite Line for Fake Beyonce: “This video seems goofy, you should just do it alone, besides I’m getting sick of all these songs about phones.”

Favorite Line From Fake Gaga: “Then we start to dance and there’s dead people ev-ery-where, as u-su-al, I have lots of crazy crap in my hair.”

  • Nic

    “blood and guts and boobs and butts”. HAHAHAHA
    “and didn’t he ever make you place the lotion in the basket?” DOUBLE HAHAHAHA.

  • Jared

    Way too funny. The Tra$h and adam lambert ones are so funny too.

  • that was actually amazing.

  • Beyonce is pregnant or not?

  • I think beyonce is singing better every day, is a great professional.