Oh My Gaga: Lady Gaga’s Debut on Oprah


Today, Lady Gaga made her Oprah debut in Chicago on Oprah Live Fridays, right after Avatars brilliant creator James Cameron! Gaga on Oprah seriously. Insane. Any gay would die to be at this show! (Well, most) Oprah introduces Gaga’s opening performances, recognizing that she’s sold 8 million records, has 6 Grammy nominations, and the first artist in history to have had 4 hits on a debut album!

Spikey haired Gaga comes out with in an S&M type outfit, with spikes protruding from her left soldier, while carrying a Golden Ball & Chain set. Crazy middle aged woman. Monster. Into Bad Romance. The hot guy backup dancer is there, from the concert I saw her in Vancouver. Delicious! Mid performance, Gaga took off her glasses for Oprah (she mentioned in her interview with Barbara Walters that she doesn’t do that for just anyone). Sooo funny seeing Oprah trying to sing the words and dance to the song. Then Gaga’s off to the piano for a mini version of her signature piano song, Speechless.

After the commercial break, Oprah talks about her history and upbringing, and how she got into the music scene. Glasses-less Gaga sits down with Oprah and Oprah asks what she’s supposed to call her. “Gaga,” she responds. Oprah asks, “Can you believe your life right now?” Gaga says she cannot. They talk about her success, and James Cameron came up and Gaga mentions that for the longest time she was wanting to paint herself blue for a performance and then Avatar came out. “I knew it!” she said.

Oprah mentions that she had told James Cameron she’d love to be in his head for 10 minutes, and tells Gaga she’d like to be in her mind for about 3 minutes. Gaga then says she’d like to be in Oprah’s for like 50 minutes. Next, they go through Gaga’s outrageous outfits. “The inspiration comes naturally, but I put a lot of work into what I do,” says Gaga. She says that she spends most days in front of the computer, on the phone arguing with the Haus of Gaga on what she can and can’t do: “Yes I can bleed to death on domestic television,” she says.

Now, takes us backstage at one of Gaga’s concert, going through all of her wardrobe. “I really love shoulder pads,” she says. “I won’t show you my bra size,” and “I like to wear stripper shoes,” were a few other funny Gaga quotes from this segment. “The hardest part of my job is that I’m bossy,” explains Gaga. She adds that this is the only chance she has to live her dream, so it has to be done right. She also says that her dancers and her have pre-show prayer. At the end of the prayer, in unison, they all shout “Joanne!” She is Gaga’s father’s sister that died when she was very young. Gaga believes she’s on stage with her every night.

She tells Oprah that she doesn’t have any celebrity friends really, and doesn’t really connect to the celebrity world in that way. Her friendships are with her fans, she says. She then tells Oprah, “I just want to say you are like the amazing person.” Oprah looked like she was going to cry.

They then go on to talk about Haiti. Gaga announces that on January 24th The Monster Ball concert in NYC, all tickets sales will go to Haiti. And, people can also ladygaga.com on the same day and any merchandise that you buy, goes to Haiti as well.

Oprah then asks what people would most be surprised to know about her. “Secretly a wannabe foody,” she says. This morning her chef made her her favorite fried chicken which made her think, “I’ve got soul for Oprah today!”

Oprah then asks what her message is to her fans. “I want them to free themselves and I want them to be proud of who they are.” Then, talking to the audience, she says, “I perform every night and I look into your beautiful your eyes, and I know how you feel.” She then starts tearing up. You can tell that it came from the heart.


At the end of the show, she gave Oprah Lady Gaga’s Heartbeat headphones, and then Oprah said “Everyone in the house is getting gaga headphones!” ….You get a Heartbeat, you get a Heartbeat, you get a Heartbeat…!!!

Here’s a bit of Lady Gaga on Oprah:

  • bruin

    Who is the hot guy backup dancer? screenshot?

  • Robyn

    She is simply spectacular (spiky shoulder pad didn’t work out so well though…). I honestly thought that no one could replace/surpass Madonna. I was wrong.