You can rarely expect a plain and simple music video with Lady Gaga. Longer than most music videos, Gaga’s creations are usually over the top with hidden meanings, couture fashion, and often feature new versions of Lady Gaga. Well, that is with the exception of “Edge of Glory”, which most felt wasn’t up to par with her standard of videos.

The upcoming video for “Marry The Night” is apparently going to be Lady Gaga’s longest video to date. Thankfully, she’s broken it up a bit and released the preview of the prelude to the video. Yeesh. So it’s kind of like the prelude to the prelude to the video LOL. So this video you are about to watch is a little under 2-minutes.

Listen to Gaga narrate as she’s getting pulled in a gurney by two fashionable nurses. I have to admit, I’m intrigued and curious to see how the whole story unfolds. “The full prelude is 7 min 33 seconds & 15 frames,” Gaga recently tweeted. Enjoy!