Lady Gaga Haitian Relief T-Shirt


During her appearance on Friday’sThe Oprah Winfrey show , Lady Gaga touched upon her efforts to assist with the Haitian relief efforts. Near the end of the segment, Lady Gaga declared all proceeds from her January 24, 2010 Monster Ball show in New York City would all be donated to Haiti. Not only does it include ticket admissions, but all merchandise sold at the venue.

Gaga also wanted to allow her fans who weren’t able to attend the NYC show to participate in the relief efforts. Along with the aforementioned revenue streams, she also pledged ALL proceeds from ANY merchandise on the site that day would also be combined with the Haitian donations.

Not content to sit idly by til January 24th, the Paparazzi singer commissioned a special Lady Gaga Haitian Relief T-Shirt that would be available immediately for sale. All proceeds from the purchase of the shirt will go directly to Haiti. I should probably note that, proceeds from the life of this shirt and not just the 24th of January, would go benefit the cause. The T-Shirt can be purchased from her website for only $25.00. Click here for more details.


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