Tommy: After we got the word that they wanted to go the O, I made a call to DJ DREW at the club to ask him what time they were closing; he said 3, I said: “PERFECT, we’re bringing GAGA!”

That’s an excerpt from my post back in March “Tommy & Jonny’s GAGA Adventure!” where Jonny and I brought Lady Gaga to the gay bar here in Vancouver after her concert. Now, she’s about to release her next album, just released probably one of the best music videos ever made, and now in an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl, her performances looks very similar to one of mine as Syren from Vancouver Pride. Haha. Seriously. See the resemblance? When you check out the videos, see her grand entrance, and see my grand entrance. Mmhmm. Told ya so.

Lady Gaga on an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl


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Syren at Rapture: IGNITION during Vancouver Pride

Just sayin’….