I feel like Lady Gaga has taken “Mother Monster” into a literal sense with her promos for her Fame fragrance. She released the first one not too long ago (watch it here) and has now released two others.

These two new version are so creepy, they look like they are taken straight from a horror movie with Lady Gaga as the freaky monster. As I mentioned when writing about the first version, it reminds me of something that would have been seen in The Cell or the videotape on The Ring. In one of the versions, Gaga does a fierce catwalk through a pathway of shackled male models in leather/latex underwear.

Watch the black goop, caviar and egg yolk infused perfume ad teasers straight from Haus Laboratories in Paris below. Note: This probably isn’t a perfume for your mother or grandmother.

Lady Gaga – Fame Perfume Teaser 2

Lady Gaga – Fame Perfume Teaser 3