The above photo is one way to promote a new single. Sex may sell, but it’s not Lady Gaga’s bare butt that intrigues me. Though the barely-there floral printed thong is sorta fierce. Rather, it’s the fact she teamed up R. Kelly. I maybe in the minority in saying this, but I don’t completely hate this collaboration.

Do What U Want” is probably not the best offering lifted from Gaga’s forthcoming ARTPOP album, but it’s nice to see the “Applause” singer returning to her R&B-infused roots. That’s what made The Fame so flawless.

Gaga first previewed the track in a 30-second Best Buy commercial for Beats by Dre last week. It’s available today to purchase and kicks off Gaga’s ARTPOP iTunes countdown. She’ll also release a second and third promotional single on October 27 and November 4 respectively in anticipation of ARTPOP’s street date. Check out her R. Kelly duet below and sound off afterward.

Lady Gaga – Do What U Want feat. R. Kelly