The biggest thing so far this year came out this morning. The HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY anticipated new single from Lady Gaga “Born This Way” was released at 9am PST this morning. I have to give you a little bit of history with this song and me. When she released the few lines at the VMA’s, my friend Peter Breeze and I started to talk about it, and he made a good point “I hope she doesn’t get preachy”, which I could see happening. At her latest concert it seemed like it was all about that. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED Monster Ball Pt.2 (even thought Pt.1 is still her best concert to date for me), but I was just really worried that she was going to bring us another Heal the World. (Yes I know it was a big hit but you know what I mean)

Then she released her lyrics. I thought they were ridiculous. I STILL think they are ridiculous. They pretty much are exactly what I thought they were going to be. I didn’t really know quite what my feelings were about this, but James St. James hit the nail on the head with his article which you can read HERE…but here’s the key quote…

A gay anthem, whether it’s “I Will Survive” or “The Man That Got Away” or “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going,” BECOMES a gay anthem because we find ourselves empathizing with the singer’s passion or pain or exuberance. It’s the realization that their pain is our pain too, that their joy is our joy etc. It’s that our commonality has brought us together. It’s ALMOST NEVER because it was written FOR GAY MEN TO HELP GAY MEN DEAL WITH BEING GAY MEN. That’s just cynical and obvious….Gaga here isn’t allowing us the choice of deciding whether or not this song will be a gay anthem (like “Bad Romance”), she’s TELLING US that it is, and that makes it somehow less pure and less satisfying. It’s contrived.”

This pretty much explains my feeling to a T. It’s just seems so contrived. I was reserving my complete judgment until I heard the final song, and PRAYING that she was going to do something amazing with it. And it was released this morning. While it’s not my favourite song by Lady Gaga WHATSOEVER, it will do what it needs to do.  It’s sounds way too cheesy, a bit too fast. It kinda sounds like a wannabe gay anthem from the 90’s. All I think about “Take me to the clouds above” for some reason. It’s probably going to sell a gillion copies, but compared to her LAST first single Bad Romance, Born This Way just doesn’t measure up whatsoever. But it will get the mainstream audience singing the words  “gay transgender & bi”  in clubs. It’s nothing REALLY groundbreaking though. I’ll wait for the remix, and I’ll wait for the next single.

Take a listen below.

PS – Don’t get it twisted, I already know all the words and will be singing it at the top of my lungs when I’m wasted I’m sure…but it’s not my favourite by far. PREACH!