Lady Gaga Is On “Point” In Newly “Born This Way” Cover Art

That huge collective gasp you heard moments ago was from little monsters all around the world. Why??? Simple, their leader, Lady Gaga, unveiled the official cover art for her “Born This Way” single debuting this Friday in a global event at 9 a.m EST / 2 p.m GMT. Originally, the track was supposed to debut at this Sunday’s Grammys but was bumped up. Gaga is still scheduled to perform “Born This Way” at the 53rd Grammy Awards on Sunday.

I honestly can’t figure out which group of fans are more excited about new music from their idols, Britney’s or Lady Gaga’s. The track has generated so much buzz that “Glee” has already purchased rights to cover the song in an upcoming episode. Word has it, it’ll have something to do with homophobe high school bully, Dave Karofsky’s coming out story. I can’t wait.

British fashion photographer, Nick Knight, captured the above image for Gaga’s single cover. What do you think? I love the lion-inspired hairstyle and the pointy bumps all over her shoulders and face. It’s so animalistic, tranny and fierce all at the same time. What are your thoughts? Will the single live up to all the hype?

  • Deej


  • Anijandro

    U need to pair it up with the 2 hearts Kylie minogue cover art done in 2007 for comparison, its pretty similar. She is very Inspired by kylie i guess unless she ir copying her…

  • Landon

    I LOVE it! And Gagas fans are definitely more excited than Britney’s because Gaga is 10 million times better than britneys autotuned material