I can imagine being a celebrity can be scary at times, with people running up to them when they least expect it or when they’re not supposed to be. Such was the case when a fan tried to approach Lady Gaga in Bucharest, Romania.

In the footage below, Lady Gaga was just coming through the hotel lobby in Bucharest, escorted by two bodyguards and about to greet fans outside. One older gentlemen decided to not follow the rules and rushed in through the other revolving door to try to ensure he gets an autograph from Gaga. Because of the sudden and unauthorized approach, Gaga was quite startled for a moment and the bodyguards quickly, and calmly took the guy down. These guys are good at their job!

The guy wanting the autograph was taken down to the ground, but not seriously injured. Afterward, he got up and went back out the door he came in. Needless to say, there was no autograph for him. Watch the footage below. Also, Gaga’s fancy black & white is fabulous.