It’s out boys and girls! Gaga’s third video for her hugely successful The Fame Monster has finally been release today. The single is called Alejandro, the very Ace of Base sounding summer jam. This song is about Gaga’s fear of the Sex Monster, singing about her lovers and asking them to leave her alone.

Let’s get to the video.

First off, it’s almost 9 minutes long…oh Gaga, what would pop videos be with out you? Well they would be much shorter that’s for sure.

The video starts off with a very military marching thing with the hot men with bad haircuts, and like high wasted spandex things. Ok i’m not too arty so I dont get it, but I’m just saying what on there. Then with Gaga walking ahead of a casket, holding a heart (which is the only thing in colour in this black and white video.) I’m assuming it’s HER heart that Alejandro broke..I don’t know.

I don’t know seems to be the big question on my lips after watching this one. I don’t know how good it really is…I don’t know if this is her strongest video…I don’t really know what the heck it’s supposed to be about. It’s very military, VERY homoerotic, very gays IN the military, very Madonna, very black and white, very weird. It’s arty, and out there, and the outfits are bizarre. Shes a soldier, then a nun, then she has a mushroom cut in a pantsuit.

Gaga’s face is much softer in this video than in her past videos. But everything around her is very hard, shes the softness in this black and white military world. I do love the hot guys on the bed with pumps part, that was hot. And I think I’m falling in love with Mark Kanemura  (one of her dancers) he’s too fucking pretty for words.

Anyway, this video is totally Gaga. It’s weird, it’s out there, I’m sure there’s a message buried deep in there somewhere, but sometimes I just want a video that I can understand, and that isn’t too heavy. I’m sure I will have spank bank material from the backup dancers for a while, and I will be looking to make my own version of her rifle bra (at least I think that’s what it is), but maybe I’m just not smart enough the get this video.

But it’s getting something out of me. Something good, and something bad. I like it, then I don’t like it. I love it, then I hate it a couple minutes later. It’s VERY strong imagery to a a very soft song. People are already going nutso over it on Facebook as they do with all things GAGA, and I even woke up super early because I wanted to see it. She’s still the most cutting edge out right now…but I find myself coming back three times to edit this post and see if I can say I’M FREAKING OUT OVER IT, but I can’t. Maybe it’ll grow on me more over the next couple of days and I will learn to love it.

Check it out, although I’m sure you already have.