Top 10’s: Top 10 Kylie Songs of All Time


By now most of you are probably aware that I am one of Kylie Minogue’s biggest fans. In case you missed it, here’s my post explaining why. Last month I had the incredible pleasure of seeing her live in concert for the first time ever! And we were in the fourth row on the floor! Literally, I could have died. My friend Craig, an even bigger fan than I, actually started crying as she hit the stage – I’m not kidding. The concert itself was magical; six costume changes, incredibly hot dancers, killer choreography and effects. Kylie was out in full force! It was definitely the best concert I’ve ever seen. I can’t even handle how amazing she is. If you EVER get a chance to see her in concert anywhere around the globe, do not hesitate to attend, you will not be disappointed!

As the afterglow of the concert begins to fade, I feel like I can finally begin to share my experience (Haha, it’s been over a month now). Since then, I’ve done my best to compile a list of the top 10 Kylie songs of all time; it should hopefully have a few classics in there for the die-hards as well as some more of her recent global successes. I tried to focus not only on her commercial successes but also her artistic experiments and songs and videos that pushed the envelope and showcased something unique and different. It was a daunting task that literally took me many hours and days to finalise, and even now I wish I could make the list about ten songs longer. I urge you to check out these videos and songs on Youtube if you get a chance! Anyway, here they are; enjoy!

Kylie Minogue

Honourable mentions:

Locomotion – This song had to be left out of the top 10 because I’m not a huge fan of the song, and frankly, she’s better than a re-make. The only reason I added this song to the list was because this song really gave her traction around the world for the first time in the late 80s and arguably launched her career. Whenever the song comes on, you can bet someone in the room will start hopping around shoulder to shoulder – it’s fun, yes, but then again so was the Macarena. Oh, and you’ll have to forgive her for her outfit in the video.

Come into My World – This song, while very close, did not make it into my top 10 however deserves special honourable mention because of the genious that is this video. French diretor Michel Gondry was behind this masterpiece that shows Kylie circling around a city block in Paris on four different circuits simultaneously. Each time she completes a circuit a new Kylie joins the old, yet follows a slightly different path all the while the background remains a chaotic scene. In the end there are four Kylie’s circling the same lamppost ducking under each others arms and about to join a fifth. The video was named #14 of the Top 50 Videos of the 2000 by Pitchfork.

Kylie Minogue

The Top 10

kylie-devil-you-know10. Better the Devil You Know – This song was a huge hit in the early nineties in Australia and the UK. It was said that Better the Devil You Know was a turning point in her career maturity-wise as she progressed from cutesy pinch your cheek Kylie to a little more sex-kitten playful spunk. This song is supposedly played in London’s G.A.Y. club every night at 12:30AM.
kylie-i-believe-in-you9. I Believe in You – This song was released in 2004 is still one of my favourite dance tracks. I can remember Celebrities re-opening and hitting the dancefloor numerous times as this song got a lot of play at the time. I Believe in You was some of the first electro-synth inspired pop music that we saw coming back on the scene since the 80s. Now it’s everywhere!
kylie-wild-roses1 8. Where the Wild Roses Grow (Duet with Nick Cave) – This is actually a duet with fellow Australian Nick Cave and may not be as familiar to people in North America (outside of the die-hards of course!).  It’s not your typical bubbly electro-dance pop that we’re used to from her. The reason I chose this one is because its a really unique storytelling song and very unKylie in style. The song and video themselves are actually quite haunting, evoking disturbing images of a murdered Kylie re-enacting her killing scene with a creepy Nick Cave. She looks great as a ginger though, even drowned!
kylie-confide-in-me 7. Confide In Me – Confide in Me actually grew on me as time wore on. My first exposure to it was in her Greatest Hits album and it wasn’t a track I paid much attention to, but in time it’s grown into one of my favourites.
kylie-my-arms 6. In My Arms – This is my favourite song from her latest album “X”. This album was just awesome and has been incredibly popular in discos around the globe. I also have to admire her for making such an amazing comeback with this album after getting through breast cancer after being diagnosed in 2005. She rocked her new short curly locks in this video as well as her first from this album, “Two Hearts”. And after seeing the video again, I think Lady Gaga might have taken a cue or two from this diva (check out the first glimpse on the video)
kylie-slow 5. Slow – This song is on the list because the video is just too good to leave off. When I first saw the video I was shocked at how brazen and hot it was. The concept is Kylie at the pool surrounded by buff and cut men in speedos performing choreographed movements on their beach towels. I’m assuming most of you have seen it, but if not check it out – it’s not to be missed!
kylie-first-sight 4. Love at First Sight – This is probably my favourite from Kylie’s Fever album. Once again, this upbeat dance pop beat is a classic floor filler at the club. I also chose it for her choices in fashion which, at the time in 2003, were way ahead of her time. I remember thinking Wow, she’s wearing heavy 80s eye make-up, rocking the one big K earring, and kicking it in neon green stiletto heels with cargo pants… and she looks great! And so neon began creeping back as the 80s continue its pervasive influence into the current decade.
kylie-night 3. On a Night Like This – This song is gold. She looks so sexy in this video when she hits the casino in Monte Carlo and wins big. And secretly, when I was in Vegas recently, all I wanted to do was go to the craps table, bet big, win, and then pick up all the casino chips and throw them into the air with reckless abandon.
kylie-spinning 2. Spinning Around – This is a fun, poppy dance song as well that was huge in Europe and Australia and did okay in North America. Incidentally, Paula Abdul actually wrote this song. As for the video, anything with hot men, gold lamé pants and a choreographed dance number that ties it all together in the end is a formula for success.
kylie-out-of-my-head 1.Can’t Get You Out of My Head – This song has to be number one because of the sheer success of it. It is arguably her most successful single to date – it was EVERYWHERE in 2002/2003. And what’s more, I never really got sick of hearing it. In fact, even though the number of times I’ve heard the song is approaching one thousand, I am still up to rock out to this classic Kylie tune that just can’t be ignored. It literally put her on the North American stage front and centre, something that had eluded her to that point. As for the video, that famous silver scale dress is a Gucci reproduction that she had specially made for her because she’s so petite! When this song came out I just couldn’t get enough of it, I fell in love with Kylie because of this song, and I am eternally grateful 🙂
Kylie Minogue

I’d love to hear some other people’s takes on the list! Obviously its a personal one, and I’m sure those in Australia and Europe will have very different takes on it as they’ve been exposed to her in the mainstream for a lot longer than we’ve been in Canada.

  • Harlequin

    Ahem. What about The One!

  • salmon

    2 hearts!

  • Randy

    I love “The One”. The video is hypnotic and gorgeous

  • WHOA!

  • Omar

    Stephen, overall GREAT post…but but but. I think you focused too much on material from 2000 onward.
    NOTHING from “Impossible Princess”? I think “Breathe” HAS to be in there, underrated classic. or at least “Put Yourself in MY Place” (killer video).

    We need some MORE early stuff too in here…”Got To Be Certain”, “Shocked” and MY all time favorite (was amazing live during the “Smiley Kylie medley”)…..”WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO”.

    ps we love Paula, but there’s no way she can write a song all by herself….CO-WROTE “spinning around” more like it. 🙂

  • Omar, it was extremely difficult to choose just 10 songs – believe me! “Breathe” was literally the next on my list, so you have me there, and yes, loved the Smiley Kylie Medley of her old classics.

    *sigh* I tried to be diplomatic to choose a few great videos, a few great hits, a few unique tracks and a few of my personal faves, along with trying to take a balanced approach with songs from different points in her career. That’s why I love hearing other people’s choices as well – everyone’s top 10 is going to e different

  • Harlequin

    I’m also a big, big fan of Chocolate. :O Talk about sexy! This song -is- sex! lol OOOOHHH, Breathe is so good too!

  • Omar

    Stephen…..I understand the difficulty of choosing just 10 songs from KM. Very tough…..! Weren’t you going to post a concert review too?

    First my LEAST fave KM single:
    1. Locomotion- CHEESE.
    2. Chocolate- YAWN.

    Anyways, here’s my top 10:
    10. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (2001): Woulda been higher, but OVERKILL in 2002.
    9. Got To Be Certain (1988)
    8. The One (freemasons mix) (2008)
    7. Butterfly (2000)
    6. Breathe (1997)
    5. Shocked (1991)
    4. Your Disco Needs You (2000)….HAHA..she did this in Toronto…AMAZING.
    3. Red Blooded Woman (2003)….more for the LIVE performance or actual song? HA…will never tell. 🙂
    2. What Do I Have to Do (1991)…most people in North America don’t know this one…D/L NOW!
    1. Love At First Sight (2002) the SUPERIOR song from Fever.

  • Braden

    Who’s She?

  • All I can say is listen and learn my dear Braden, listen and learn…