Turns out the rumors and TMZ reports were true. Kristin Chenoweth is dating a former star of The Bachelor. In the most dramatic rose ceremony ever, Kristin picks someone NOT in my Top 10 Hottest Bachelors list. In fact, the diminutive Broadway star picked one of my least favorite Bachelors ever from the history of the ABC dating show. Oh Kristen, I expected more from you.

Chenoweth confirmed her new relationship with People magazine saying, “We have been spending a little time together.” The new couple have been spotted dining together in West Hollywood and at a cafe near this Bachelor’s home in Texas. The two reportedly met at an event in October. I wonder if he gave the former Pushing Daisies star roses on their first date or other flowers… daisies, perhaps? Find out who Kristin’s new beau is below.

If you read my Top 10 Hottest Bachelors post, you probably guessed it was Jake Pavelka. I never really warmed up to him when he was courting Ali Fedotowsky. Then, he sunk even further, IMHO, when he chose and proposed to Vienna Girardi. That said, I really enjoyed watching that trainwreck special when the two tore into each other after their relationship ended. That was reality gold.

I had no idea Chenoweth (44) was such a cougar. Jake is 34-years-old. What do you think of Kristin dating Jake? Is she still concussed from that head injury she suffered on the set of The Good Wife earlier this year 😉 PS, I thought Pavelka was gay. That said, Kristin would make the perfect beard. They can sing showtunes all day long and no one would suspect. Sound off below.