Maneater/Boyfriend Stealer: Kristin Cavallari


Wow, looks like Kristin Cavallari is EXACTLY the same in “real life” as she is on the “fake real life.” Rumors have just surfaced that Kristin has been “dating” John Mayer for a couple years now, meaning that he was totally doing her while dating both Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston. Uh oh. Not good for John. Apparently, they were so secretive about it, that they were “doing it” at a mutual friend of theirs in the Hollywood Hills. They didn’t want to take it public because allegedly Kristen didn’t want to be added to his list of conquests (A-List Jennifer Aniston to D-List Kristin Cavallari). Now they are considering going public. Hmm. That doesn’t sound right.

In Laguna Beach, Kristin was notorious for sleeping with whomever she wanted – no man was hands off for her. Now, as she moves into The Hills, she’s onto Audrina’s ex, Justin Bobby, as they’ve shown them making out in the previews and Audrina & Kristen in some heated disgust-shuns discussions. In the preview, Audrina in reference to Kristin says, “She’s a maneater, she’s a boyfriend stealer….” Well, she’s bang on there.

Correct me if I’m wrong but the fun with The Hills is that, more or less, the characters keep their “real” private lives totally secret so that people can “pretend” that what is going on on television is “real.” As the lead in the show, Lauren Conrad managed to do so successfully for years. Now, Kristin takes over and she can’t even manage to keep a lid on her maneating ways long enough for her Hills season premiere? Disappointing. I’m sure producers are not pleased with this information going public.

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