Kristen Stewart & Charlize Theron Face Off For Interview

This weekend Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron battle it out on the big screen. To hold us over until “Snow White and the Huntsman” hits theaters, we have the film’s leading ladies facing off for Interview Magazine. Instead of battling with magic, swords and poisonous apples, the ladies fight with high fashion poses and fierce couture provided by Lanvin, Givenchy, Valentino and Nina Ricci to name a few. Photographer Mikael Jansson captures both these actresses in the best way possible.

Considering Charlize was a former fashion model, Kristen does a pretty decent job holding her own with the leggy blond. Wasn’t always a fan of Stewart, but I have to give the girl credit for ditching her former grungy look. The “Twilight” star serves up some serious cheekbones and GLAM-OR. Along with the pics, the two sit down and chat with film critic Elvis Mitchell. Check out a few quotes and several photos from their fashion spread below.

Kirsten: On Playing Snow White

“The tricky thing is that you can’t have Snow White’s effect on people. I can’t have this supernatural light that sort of instantly affects those around me. There were things that I needed to believe, even though it was hard at times. But I did because the fantasy part of it was written well. You know how you meet people in life sometimes where you go, ‘Wow, you’ve got this energy …’ This is just sort of a heightened version of that.

Charlize: On Starting A Family

“You can’t really be too calculated about everything in life. I think I’ve gone through my life with the understanding that you’ve got to let go and you can’t think that you’re going to control your destiny … That’s why I’ve never had a five-year plan. I always knew that I wanted to have children. It wasn’t kind of something that I discovered later. I also never felt the biological clock ticking because I think I always knew that I wanted to adopt. It never meant that I didn’t want to have my own children—I always felt that if I were in the right circumstances then I would totally have my own children.”

Kristen: On Charlize Theron

“She’s a f—— movie star. It’s funny, too, because she always says, ‘I’m not really a performer.’ But I’m like, ‘Yeah, not at all.’ [laughs] She’s an actor and a performer.”

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