Kris Searle is about to see his star shine brighter. The BBC featured artist in the UK has a successful career both sides of the Atlantic. Since his third award win in Los Angeles, Kris has gone on to win other awards including VH1 SONGWRITER and other accolades – his career is skyrocketing. After just winning his 3rd Los Angeles Music Award this year for AAA Single of the Year, Kris now has three movie placements in 2010, 2 trans-Atlantic collaborations for MTV Base channel, and a collaboration coming out with his record label Inspire U Records called “Inspired Artists”. His current single “I Would Give You It All” is being placed on a film titled, “Truth About Kerry” with Stana Katic from ABC’s “Castle”. He has 2 UK releases with Big Brother Celebrity Darnell and UK Rapper AYO with songs “Warning Signs” and “Honestly Remix” and he has also partnered with music company Reputation Label where his radio shows on Fridays is attracting more than 400,000 listeners!”

I had a chance to listen to Kris,’ “Warning Signs” single, which will be released globally on July 26th. Bouncy beats, heartfelt lyrics – Bittersweet love. “I could not be there for you because I could not break inside,” Kris sings, wearing his heart on his sleeve & keeping it real. Kris is in the music in the words. Kris is the music. I can see this easily becoming a dance anthem at all the clubs.

I was also lucky enough to be able ask Kris is a few questions. A down too earth and easily approachable. He may well be reaching new heights, but his feet seem firmly planted on the ground

When was the first time you picked up a microphone and decided “Hell yeah! I want to do this for a living?

It was a couple of weeks after I was having vocal lessons with my tutor Rosemary Raynor in Ramsgate, Kent. I held a microphone and I felt a power come into my singing. I knew that this thing I was holding would amplify and it made me realize I could be loud, for once, to more than 2 people (who were my parents) or to share something I had to a bigger audience. It was a cool feeling. From that day I knew I wanted to be a singer.

Who are some of your musical influences ?

When I was growing up Mariah Carey was huge and she became part of my CD collection along with Richard Marx, Counting Crows, Chilli Peppers, George Michael… very eclectic.. then came Elbow, Snow Patrol, Athlete, Verve… there is a whole myriad of music I listen to and I’m glad I appreciate music like that. I know some people just listen to a few bands and I don’t really understand that.

How do you define success in the music biz when it can be cutthroat at times ?

I think as long as you feel happy with what you’ve achieved and you can look at yourself with a feeling of achievement and success then you’ve done it. Even if it means you just wanted to release an album once… if you feel that’s success then that’s a success. It’s a personal goal.

Pop? Folk? How do you define you music style?

All of the above… with singer/songwriter, soft rock, pop/rock, indie… LOL. It would be POP. It’s popular. Pop music is all of them.

Which song means the most to you on a personal level?

Well I would have to say, “The Way You Loved” from the first album. It’s the song I wrote for Dad after he passed away and I dedicated it to him, along with the album. I actually dreamt about that song and I wrote it a Wednesday morning a couple of years ago… an hour later I had the whole song. Lyrics and all.

When you perform live; what can fans expect to see?

They can expect to see someone that sings from their heart. someone that has experienced what they are singing about.. someone that will only ever show their true self and an artist that relates to the way people really feel. I have a sense of humor too. I like to treat everyone like they are in my front room. They are my favourite performances

Any plans to come to Canada in the foreseeable future?

Yes, we’re looking at next year definitely!

When you write ;what do you come up with first – lyrics or music?

It all depends but i say 90% of the time I sing and write at the same time. for instance… if I’m walking down the street after a situation that has really got me fired up I will be going crazy in my head acting out what I could have said OR what I will say next time I’m in that situation… so when i get home i pick up my guitar, start strumming in that emotion and sing from where I’m inspired!

Check Kris out at or Also on facebook and myspace. Check out one of my fave Kris Searle songs and videos here.

Kris Searle is on his way up. Come along for the ride of musical mastery and storytelling like no other.

Photo credit of Kris goes to Elizabeth Sloan.

Submitted By: Joe Lethbridge

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