Model Behavior: Kris Kranz

If you’re a regular reader of the site, you might’ve noticed that I’ve neglected both my Model Behavior and Man Crush weekly series for almost a month now. Truth be told, I was a little burnt out from scouring the net for hot men. Yup, I overdosed on good-looking guys. Who knew that was possible? I certainly didn’t, but now I’m back and rejuvenated. I thought I’d kick off my comeback with one juicy sexy blond. Meet Kris Kranz.

This Minnesota-born male model came to prominence with an underwear campaign for Engergie a few years ago. He definitely filled out every inch of the Italian brand’s undergarments to perfection. You can see a whackload of them later in the post.

Kranz started out his career by appearing in Cosmopolitan’s feature, “Cosmo’s Guy Without His Shirt“, when he was just 19-years-old. With his arresting blond good looks, many modeling agencies came-a-calling but signed with Major Model Management in the end. Check out what this 27-year-old golden tanned Adonis has to offer in a sampling of his portfolio below. Hope you enjoy.

Kris Kranz Model Stats

Height: 6’0″
Waist: 32
Shoe: 9.5
Hair: blond
Eyes: blue

Before we get to his rockin’ bod, let’s marvel at those gorgeous eyes of his. LE SIGH.

He looks ready to bust out of those clothes. Thankfully, he does in the following pics.

Crunchy crunch.

With all those sit-ups done, he can show off his beach body. PS. I’d like to pick those flowers off on his shorts. He loves me, he loves me not.

UGH. So sexy on the left pic. That’s the pic that sealed him for my Model Behavior feature.

Gotta love a boy with some poppin’ veins.

Never noticed that Cindy Crawford-like mole before until this pic. Totes cute.

I thought we could take a breather from all the shirtless pics. He still looks damn fine with clothes on.

Spectacular. Emphasis on the pec.

I, too, like running in my Energie underwear. Check out those juicy thighs. What I wouldn’t give to have them wrapped around me.

Looked what washed up on shore.

Seems like Kris has some stripper moves within him. I’ve got a “wad” of bills ready for him.

The epitome of bootylicious.

Ya’ll know I love my tighty whities.

I’d love to brush up on my anatomical facts on that ripped body of his.

I see a slight crack of a smile on his face and on his butt.

He’s so “vein”. LOL. Cue Carly Simon.

If you made it this far, you probably think he’s a knock out, right? I’m ready to go a couple of rounds with him.

  • Michael

    ~ Doesn’t he kinda look like the actor who plays the parish priest on GCB?

  • Louis

    ^ He kinda does… But i think the priest in GCB is way cuter though, especially his smile 🙂

  • isabelle

    Im so happy ur back!! He is yum.

  • he’s so gorgeous

  • Slade

    DAMN he is fine!!! The first pic is so old hollywood glam!!! Thanks I got a boner now!! LOL

  • ok

  • ok,:)