Kris Jenner/Kardashian Is The Original Rebecca Black

O.M.G. Remember when at first everyone cringed at Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” track, where she essentially sang about literally everything that was going on: “Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal,” and so on…? Well, the lyrics and singing in that song are actually A+ when you compare them them to Kris Jenner‘s (aka Kim Kardashian’s mom) song/video she did when she was 30. Back then she was still Kris Kardashian. Anyway, it’s hilariously awful. Coincidently, her most famous daughter Kim is 30 so what a perfect time to share the video.

The song is called “I Love My Friends,” and based on the lyrics, you can tell she’s totally been craving a reality show since way back then. Now her dreams have come true – and then some! Totally like mother like daughter. Sidenote: Yes, that’s O.J. Simpson in her video. If only she knew back then what was going to unfold in future years.

  • Votta

    Haha you can even see the camera man in the mirror when she’s running (barefoot?!) on the treadmill.