Out of all the 27 minutes I’ve used up for various things in my life, nothing has ever hit me over the head as hard as the video I’m posting for this article. Also, I’ve never seen anything spread this fast on Facebook in my life.

If you’ve seen it on your feed, and you haven’t pressed play yet, I’m giving you another opportunity. It will be in front of your faces, and you will have a choice to participate in prospective change or not. I’m highly recommending that you do. This is proof that a few can make a difference, and that such a genius concept can be so simple.

In a nutshell, Joseph Kony was posted as the #1 World’s Worst Criminal by the International Criminal Court. Joseph Kony, a Ugandian guerilla group leader, leads his team, the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army). He is guilty of abominable crimes, including abducting what is estimated at 66,000 children to fight for the LRA. He leads a child army who are forced to kill their parents, mutilate the faces of their enemies, and forced into sex slavery. The odd thing is as you will see in the video, Joseph is just one man, backed by no one.

This brilliant filmmaker, leader, hero, and humanitarian Jason Russell, released a film, documenting his 8 year long journey from Uganda to America, campaigning to youth and government alike for Kony to be captured and caught. In a first for U.S. history, him and his team have succeeded in influencing Obama to deploy a small number of U.S. forces to help regional forces in Central Africa in their efforts to capture Joseph Kony. Russell and his team have done a lot. Unfortunately Kony is still at large, and as it is with media attention and the attention span of most, interest in this issue is fading. And it can’t. So with a concept more brilliant than could ever be conceived, they’re asking for everyone’s help now: MAKE KONY FAMOUS.

The problem is that Kony knows now that the U.S. is on his tail and has changed his tactics making him harder to find. The world needs to know who he is, NOW. His face needs to be as famous as any celebrity, not to celebrate, but to inform and change. If he is famous, and people stay passionate, the government will keep on this issue and the world’s worst criminal will be caught. Russell has involved 12 culture makers (celebrities), and 12 policy makers (politicians), to help in this cause, as well as the thousands of you reading this, and the thousands more that you can pass this message on to by just sharing the video, or by getting the kit. Watch the film. It will explain everything, including April 20th, next month, which will be a night to be remembered.

Please visit www.kony2012.com, and hit “give” or “get the kit” on the top of the page. Either way, you get a kit, and will make a difference. 27 minutes changed my life, and I have no doubt that 27 could change yours.