Homorazzi Gets Naughty With “Knot Theory” Ties

A couple weekends ago, eight of us from the Homorazzi Cast took part in a photoshoot for a brand of ties called Knot Theory. Designed by Tanya Huang, these ties are very unique in both form and function and have both men and women standing out among the crowd when wearing them. These modern ties make a statement and are very easy to integrate into your wardrobe and personal style.

When we each met with Huang, she wanted to make sure that the ties and colors we wore complemented our own personal style. There are several ties to choose from in the current collection, and even more colored and embroidered knots, allowing you to achieve countless looks with one tie. In each of the two-part ties, the knot is fastened by way of a chain link which is inspired by old fashioned cufflinks. Brilliant!

We had such a blast during our photoshoot with the sexy & talented photogropher Brodie Soon of Freshworks Photography. We were also lucky enough to have Reel Illusions on set to capture the whole experience in the video below.

The photoshoot took place at OUTtv studios on the set of our upcoming new show! Stay tuned for news on that in the near future. In the meantime, as Tyra would say, check out our “best shots” below and find out where to get your own Knot Theory tie!

Where To Buy

  • Knotheory.com (website)
  • Masc: 433 Davie Street (website)
  • Fine Finds Boutique: 1014 Mainland Street (website)

Join the Knot Theory Facebook fanpage here
Follow Knot Theory on Twitter at: @knotheory

  • metty

    Dan looks great!

  • Mike

    Patrick and Tyrell are my absolute favorite when it comes to cute couples 😉

  • Aww thanks, Mike! 🙂

  • Tyrell

    Yes thank you Mike. You are so sweet!