Kirill Dowidoff looked sooooooo delicious in their swimwear ad campaign, ES Collection decided to book the Russian model to front another creative. Aptly titled “Fierce,” Dowidoff poses with several animals while posing in jeans, shirts and shorts from the Barcelona-based brand. Of course with a body that doesn’t quit, photographer Joan Crisol had to feature some photos with Kirill showing off his assets.

“This new production was a huge experience and even though we didn’t face any danger we have to admit that being surrounded by these animals imposes” says Joan Crisol, official ES Collection photographer.

Check out ES Collection’s 2013 streetwear ad campaign below. Given how unpredictable working with animals can be, the photos turned out phenomenally. You have to watch the behind the scenes video as well. I gained a whole new respect for Kirill after seeing him trying to get the perfect shot while wrangling his co-stars. That definitely didn’t look easy.