Kimberly S: The Lady DJ


There aren’t many things I pretend to know about, in fact I will be the first person to admit that I know nothing about home decor, cooking, cleaning, dressing myself…all the things that make up a good gay. But the one thing that I pride myself on (no pun intended), is my ear for talent. In my short gay life, I have travelled to over 200 individual DJ events, from Vancouver to Montreal, Toronto to Miami. I have heard local dj’s from every city, international talents from all over North America, Brazil, Europe London, Asia…you get the point. It was this love of music, and the party experience that has led me to the career that I have chosen, throwing fierce parties!

After being to hundreds of parties big and small, and hearing even MORE dj’s than I can count, there are really only a few events that stay burned into my memory. One such occasion was during gay ski week (the last year it was ALTITUDE, I believe 2005), at the then monumental event known as the Mountain Top T Dance. DJ Kimberly S was slated to play and I went up with one of my best friends and sister’s forever OMAR! 

If you have been to a circuit party, you know what kind of events they GENERALLY tend to be like.  Everyone has their shirts off, and grinding, usually looking for a little nookie, whatever I can’t judge. But sometimes, the stars align, the DJ is perfectly matched to the event, and the music is exactly what needed to be played, and there was nothing but positive energy, hands in the air, and non stop dnacing and singing from everyone!

Yes my friends, KIMBERLY S holds in my opinion, the absolute BEST T Dance that I have EVER been to in my entire life! It was FLAWLESS! Omar and I were singing for the total length of the event, dancing like crazy, hell I will even go far to say that I think we were sober (notice I said think…which probably means that no we weren’t LOL)




She played every single vocal anthem track that probably ever existed! It was like a giant sing along party, and every single person knew the words to the song! Of course, this was back 4 years, and DJ Kimberly S has evolved into one of the most recognized and respected names on the scene, AND one of the biggest known females DJ’s. I personally have been wanting to work with her since that amazing night in 2005, and this weekend I finally have the chance! She is coming BACK to Vancouver to play this SATURDAY NIGHT, and I want you ALL to be there to close of August with a bang…so much so that I feel like giving away from G-List spots to the fist 2 people that reply to this article with the answer to this question…


Don’t forget, I’m looking for the name of the weekend, not the event! See how tricky I am!

Check out some of the vids I found of her

  • kate

    out on the slopes:)

  • Brandon

    I’m gonna say “Altitude”, having received a strong hint in that direction 😛

  • Basil

    Altitude 2005…. fingers crossed…

  • Terry

    It was at the “Mountian Top T-Dance Altitude Gay Ski Week Whistler 2005.

  • Chuck

    Altitude 2005.

  • Rome

    Altitude 2005 Whistler Gay Ski Week Tommy!

    Luv ya!

  • tom

    gay ski week! altitude 2005
    better late than never lol

  • everyone who said altitude wins!!!

  • The personnel is very rude to the clients! Busser takes all the drinks doesn’t matter if they finished or not.
    So we had two bad incidents in this club and our night out was ruined!
    First nobody told us at the entrance that we have to pay, and the girl who was selling the tickets has’t notice us. After a while she came to us and in a very rude manner said that we have to pay or get out from the club! We paid for the entrance and I tryed to explain her that nobody told us. But security guy who was standing beside her kept telling that if we don’t like something we can get out! And he started telling that after we paid for entrance. Than we went to tha bar odered some drinks, and put them on a table to go and dance a little. At this moment the busser came and put our unfinished drinks with other glases on his tray. My friend noticed it and asked the busser to bring our drinks back. The busser took some different dirty glases from his tray and gave them to us not caring at all. Than he left, and after two seconds a security guard came and told my friend to get out from the club pushing him towards the entrance. And at the entrance quard told that we are not allowed to speak to the club personal like that. Like what?!? We were very polite but guards in this club were shouting at us and behaving very agressively! Than we went to the manager to tell about this story. The manager promised us to talk with the busser but he still haven’t replied to us. I guess he doesn’t care at all about the clients! Cool club, what can I say!