Kimberly Caldwell Gives Some Love To

Okay, this post may seem ridiculous and indulgent but I just had to do it. If you’ve been a loyal reader of, you probably have a clue that I absolutely adore American Idol Season 2 alum, Kimberly Caldwell. In fact, I’ve been a fan of hers since her “Popstars 2” Scene 23 days. Well, apparently the feeling is mutual. The beautiful blond filmed a quick shoutout to us, thanking us for all our support.

Looks like I made a great impression on the talented singer when I interviewed her last year in Los Angeles at a trendy boutique (KP) on Robertson Street. No exaggeration here, Kimberly was awesome to meet and interview. She was easy, breezy, beautiful… you get the idea. It was like hanging out with one my girl BFFs.

If you haven’t watched her new music video for “Desperate Girls and Stupid Boys“, you definitely have to. It’s a kick-ass pop song that’ll having you moving. It recently entered Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play chart at #50, making her the 51st Idol finalist to chart on Billboard. She also earns the distinction of having the longest journey (8 long years) from being an “Idol” finalist to making it on the Billboard charts. Make sure you request her single on radio and check out her debut CD, “Without Regret” when it hit stores April 19, 2011.