Kim Richards Walks Out During Dr. Phil Interview


Like most Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers, I was really rooting for Kim Richards to succeed. After a couple of solid seasons of sobriety, the 50-year-old reality star began to unravel on the show this year. After denying all season long that she had not fallen off the wagon, it became apparent Richards started drinking again. Recently, she was arrested for public intoxication and resisting arrest.

Dr. Phil snagged an exclusive interview with the RHOBH star after her arrest which airs next Tuesday. There were reports that Richards walked out during the sitdown and it appears those rumors were true. Kim does exactly that in the promo after feeling ambushed that an intervention is going on. The saddest part of the whole thing is watching her poor kids sitting on the sofa watching their mom unravel. Watch the clip below.

According to Daily Mail, an insider reports things got even more insane in the dressing room.

“Kim insisted that any program had to fit her needs, saying she wouldn’t go out of state, wanted to do a 30-day not 60-day program, didn’t want to miss her daughter Brooke’s wedding in May and was worried about being away from Monty..”

‘She was really angry and made it clear she was done. Richards told her daughter ‘I’m not going down there, I’m not going for three months and I’m not going to miss your wedding. Brooke was then heard yelling, ‘Why do you have to be so f***ing picky, just go get the help you need. You have to do this mom.’”

“The children urged their mom to return to the interview, but she wouldn’t budge. ‘Kim was furious. She had a complete melt down.”

Do you watch RHOBH? Are you going to tune in on Tuesday to watch Kim on Dr. Phil. Weigh in below.