Kim Petras Drops Major Bop ‘Got My Number’

Kim Petras is determined to make summer 2019 her bitch. Just a week after releasing “Broken,” the 26-year-old German singer drops another track. And it’s even more fan-friggin-tastic.

Got My Number” is more uptempo and playful than its predecessor. While “Broken” was a breakup anthem, “Got My Number” is a flirty synth-pop sexy bop. Not surprisingly, I’m obsessed. This is gonna blow up big time, especially with the gays. Can’t wait for a hot remix.

949-331-0609 / Call me up , call me up / For a good time / I’ll be waiting up for ya / Baby imma sex it up for ya / Got a little something something for ya / Want a little something something don’t ya,” she sings on the infectious cut.

Just like “Broken,” her new single comes with a glamorous lyric clip which features Petras being playful while the lyrics splash across the screen. Check it out below.

Kim Petras ‘Got My Number’ Lyric Video