Kim Petras Delivers Another Track ‘Blow It All’

For the third week in a row, Kim Petras has released a new track. This is something I can definitely get used to. Bring it on Kim!!! Like the others, her latest is bound to receive multiple plays by me.

Blow It All” follows “Broken” and “Got My Number” which are all off her forthcoming sophomore album. The synth-pop track is similar to the former, in that it’s slower tempo. Personally, I still like the flirty “Got My Number” the most but I do like the whimsical lyrics of her latest offering.

“Shorty in the bathroom and she asking where the coke at / I spent 20 thousand just to leave it on a coat rack / Pull up got his number and he wrote it on a notepad / Now that’s a throwback…yeah,” the 26-year-old German sings. “Cup full of liquor got the key to life / Came from the bottom now my money right / Can’t take it with ya blow it all tonight / All tonight blow it all tonight,” she sings later on the chorus.

Like the others, “Blow It All” arrives with a lyric video. Check it out below.

Kim Petras ‘Blow It All’ Lyric Video