Kim Petras Drops Three New Bangers

Praise the pop gods. Kim Petras didn’t drop just one hot new banger. Hell, not even two, but rather three new bops. And they’re all pretty fantastic. Looks like the 26-year-old German pop sensation hasn’t lost her golden touch just yet.

Among the three, “If U Think About Me” is my favorite. It’s a shimmery number that seems to be a nod to 80s prom music. A close runner-up is “1,2,3 dayz up” which serves as the perfect soundtrack to a summery beach party. Lastly, “Homework” reunites Petras with her “Faded” collaborator lil aaron. It’s a borderline pop ballad which finds our diva reminiscing about an old friend.

Check out all three below and weigh in on which one is your favorite afterward.

Kim Petras ‘If U Think About Me’

Kim Petras ft. Sophie ‘1,2,3 Dayz UP’

Kim Petras ft. lil aaron ‘Homework’