Hilarity: Kids Reenact The Real Housewives of New Jersey

The Babelgum kiddies are back it again, delivering another hilarious spot-on parody of one of television’s guiltiest pleasures. At first, the Real Housewives of New Jersey spoof looks like a bad episode of TLC’s Toddlers & Tiaras due to the horrible scripting and outlandish wigs. But what makes the video work is the dead-on imitations these little moppets deliver.

From Teresa’s infamous table flipping in Season One’s finale, to mini Jacqueline’ hair twirling, to Dina’s Godfather complex. In fact all the girls do a great job except for mini Danielle. She’s by far the weakest link in the spoof. I practically howled when I saw the kiddie version of the exposé book detailing Danielle’s sordid past. Something about the dyslexic crayon typography put me over the edge.

What did you think? Do the Babelgum girls do the Franklin Lane crazies justice? IMHO, I would’ve loved if they included the haggard looking Kim G & Kim D to the mix. Too bad, they didn’t incorporate Dina Manzo and her unhealthy devotion to her cats in the spoof. Or better yet, a scene with Danielle and Dina throwing it down would’ve been EPIC.

Are you watching this season of RHONJ? Personally, I’m kinda getting tired of Danielle and her “busted-up” SATC-wannabe followers (Best line EVER by Jacqueline). And when did Caroline Manzo become the most likable person on the cast?

  • adam

    TOO fuckin’ funny. Theresa is perfect in this. Caroline as a boy made my day 😉