Kids React To Bert & Ernie Couple Controversy

When former Sesame Street writer Mark Saltzman revealed he wrote Bert and Ernie as if they were in a romantic relationship, a firestorm ensued. Sesame Street even issued a statement declaring the iconic pair were just friends and lacked any sexual orientation. It seemed like everyone had an opinion on if they or weren’t they. Now, it’s time for kids to chime in on the controversy.

The award-winning REACT series gathered a group of kids ranging from nine to 13 to chime in. Not surprisingly, the majority of kids don’t see what the whole brouhaha is all about. “They’re making a whole big thing out of a child’s show,” said one child “People these days.” He continued. “Who cares? You need to care about the law, people! Care about the government!”

If the majority of these kids end up growing up to become political leaders, the world will be a much better place. Watch the video below.

Kids React – Do Kids Think Bert And Ernie Are Gay?