A documentary called ‘Kidnapped for Christ‘ follows the stories of several American teenagers who were sent to Escuela Caribe, an American-run Evangelical Christian reform school in The Dominican Republic. Their wealthy parents sent their troubled teens there for various reasons ranging from drug use, suicide attempts, or just plain acting up.

The film mainly follows the story of David, a straight-A student who was sent to Escuela Caribe because he was gay. When I say “sent”, I actually mean that they were “taken” in the middle of the night and not told where they were going. Without any warning, all of a sudden he was gone. His friends started to worry and when they found out what actually happened, they formed a plan to get him back by his 18th birthday. Leaving Escuela Caribe was not as easy as his friends thought.

The trailer was really eye-opening to me in terms of reminding me about some of the terrible things going on in our world. I’m grateful for being gay in the country that I live in and for having the supportive family that I do. Unfortunately for some, this isn’t the case. Watch the trailer for ‘Kidnapped For Christ’ below.