If you were like me and didn’t know anything about this movie, you probably saw the trailer with Hit Girl in it, a 13 year old swearing and using words like fuck, cunt, and chopping everyone pretty much into bits and thought “Yeah, I want to see this.” Well let me tell you about this movie.

KICK ASS in another graphic novel adaptation. If you don’t know what a graphic novel is, it’s like a really long comic book and they are usually pretty fun to read. So the story with Kick Ass is about a comic book obsessed kid named Dave who wonders why no one in real life has ever become a superhero. Why hasn’t anyone just put on a costume of some kind and help people? His friend quickly chime in and say that radioactive spiders don’t exist, to which he replied what about Bruce Wayne? And it got me thinking…he had a point. Batman didn’t have any superpowers, just a really handy belt and a bunch of gadgets. True the gadgets were pretty impossible to work in real life, but still he had a point.

Dave ordered a costume online, and decided that from this day forward he would help out people when he could as a real life superhero. No radioactive spiders, no super powers, no utility belt. Armed with his green and yellow costume, Timbaland boots, and two wooden sticks, he set off. He saw these two guys trying to break into a car, and decides to stop them. Everyone was so pumped because they wanted him to succeed, but all of us in the theater knew what was coming. Kick ass got his ass kicked, then he got stabbed, and then he got hit by a car. He regained consciousness long enough to tell the ambulance driver to not tell anyone about the costume, to say that he found Dave naked, which leads to a pretty hilarious side story.


After he gets out of the hospital, Dave isn’t done. He still wants to be superhero. Ironically, after he got the crap beaten out of him the first time, he developed what you could call his super power. His nerve endings were so messed up that he had a resistance to pain. Cute right? With his new-found power, and sets out again as Kick ass. This time, his luck was a bit different. In the parking lot of a diner, he crossed paths with three guys chasing someone for money. Well, Kick Ass decided to jump in. This time was a bit different, he once again was getting his ass a bit kicked, but because of his new gift, he kept fighting, and fighting. It was 3 on 1, and everyone in the diner was watching and recording on their video phones, instantly making KICK ASS a YouTube sensation.

As this is happening, we are introduced to Hit Girl and Big Daddy. Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) is a former police officer chasing after drug lord Frank D’Amico for ruining his life. He does so by messing with his coke deals dressed as a Batman clone. Hit Girl (Chloë Moretz) is his young daughter who he has trained in hand to hand combat, gunplay, knife yielding. She is a well trained, well oiled killing machine, and she COMPLETELY steals this movie away from everyone. The juxtaposition between this young girl jumping around and killing tons and tons of people, in a little girl purple wig with kids music playing in the background is hysterical…and yet you don’t want to mess with Hit Girl. Hit Girl and Big Daddy are the real deal, and they end up working with Kick Ass as a means to get D’Amico.

Kick Ass is the graphic novel adaptation that Watchmen WISHES it was. Everyone’s acting is brilliant, and casting was perfect. It plays on every single superhero cliche, and even uses them throughout the plot like Dave getting his resistance to pain power. It’s a story about how a normal person wants to be a superhero by being normal, but in the end, end up being a superhero the exact same way as the comic book heroes, by some freak accident that gave him the advantage.

The one thing I worry about is that kids might want to see this movie, and this movie is NOT for anyone under the age of 16. It’s gory, bloody, sex, swearing, drugs, violence pretty much everything that makes one of these movies genius, but completely unsuitable for minors. Having said that, I think everyone needs to go see this movie. It’s SO awesome, I was entertained throughout the whole thing. It’s hilarious, there’s suspense, it’s really sad and it is chalk full of action.

If you love comic books and the super hero stories, this movie is such a great spin on all that, it truly is KICK ASS

5 out of 5