In my quest to find the hottest stud for a different sport each week, this week I find myself dibbly dobbling (as they say) into cricket where I find the handsome 30 year old Kevin Pietersen of South Africa. This towering 6’4″ Batsman plays for England and Surrey and goes by the nicknames KP, Kapes, Kapers. He is right handed when he… (get your mind out of the gutter) bats and bowls. He is by far the hottest guy of the “century”. I had to say that at some point…I’m just trying to throw in cricket terminology where I can. Seriously, cricket is the most confusing thing to me, not that I’ve played it much – I think once or twice in gym class.

Pietersen was captain of the England Test and One Day International teams from August 2008 to January 2009, but he resigned after only three tests and nine One Day Internationals, as a result of a dispute with the coach, Peter Moores. The coach was fired the same day. Pietersen remains to be regarded as one of the best batsmen in the world.

He is married to the UK group “Liberty X” singer Jessica Taylor and they have one child together. He kind of reminds me of Dave Annable from Brothers & Sisters, right?!

Such a handsome bloke!

Pietersen does the Baywatch run at the beach.

Try not to look at his legs.

MAJORLY looks like Dave Annable in this one, aka Justin from Brothers & Sisters.

Would you let Mr. Criket stick it? Too far?

This is actually a great hybrid photo of the athlete vs the model in him.

And Pietersen is pretending to…

What a cute couple!