Little Britain’s Matt Lucas’ Ex Commits Suicide


So sad. The police found the body of Matt Lucas’ ex boyfriend, 35-year old producer Kevin McGee in his flat in Edinburgh. Three hours earlier, he had posted a message on Facebook message that read, “Kevin McGee thinks that death is much better than life.”

McGee had hung himself in his flat, where a friend found him and then immediately notified the police.

The couple had met before Matt Lucas had become a star on the show (Bubbles Devere, etc.), and had got married in a civil partnership in December of 2006, with guests including Elton John, Will Young, and Paul O’Grady. After 18 months, they then broke up in 2008, and their partnership was officially null in January of this year.

Matt Lucas is currently performing in the West End play, “Prick Up Your Ears” where his character murdered his lover before committing suicide. Eery. So sad. RIP Kevin.

  • yikes! i just found this post… i love little britain.. that’s insane! the facebook aspect is particularly “yikes”…