Which Jonas Brother Is Getting Their Own Reality Show On E!?

E! is on a role with their reality shows – fact. The other day, America’s favorite family that we all love to hate *cough* The Kardashians *cough* were renewed for another three seasons. E! executie producer, Ryan Seacrest has now sunk his teeth into another set of peeps who will allow cameras into their lives to share what goes on during their day-to-day. I’ll give you a hint: it involves one of the Jonas Brothers.

Before you all get excited, it’s not Joe Jonas unfortunately. While I would be jazzed to watch a show based on Joe trying to begin a solo career outside of the shadows of his brother’s infamous trio, Ryan doesn’t seem to think so. That only leaves Nick and Kevin to the mix. With Nick on Broadway in “How To Succeed In Business…” and Kevin being recently married, either of them could have compelling shows.

The Jo-Bro getting their own show on E! is newly hitched brother, Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle. The show will follow the the duos suburban life together along with Kevin jumping back in with his brothers to record some new music.

“Danielle is living a true Cinderella story after marrying into pop royalty, partnering in Kevin’s larger-than-life career and becoming a ‘Jonas,’ a name synonymous with hit music and a worldwide fan base,” said Lisa Berger, president of entertainment programming for E!. “The series presents a unique look at a young couple and their families from two entirely different worlds, one small town and one dealing with international fame, coming together as one and starting a whole new life together.”

Kevin and Danielle’s “Married To Jonas” will air on E! August 19 at 10pm.

  • benjamin

    ewwww the ugly jonas….

  • Was hoping for Joe, not gonna lie, but I do think Kevin looks cute in that shot of him + his wife.

  • I was gonna say the least interesting one, but yea I kinda agree with Benjamin. Guess he has the least to do though so it makes sense.

  • ‘Ugly’ is a bit much. He’s just not as pretty as Joe or baby-faced cute as Nick.