Music Video: Your Love Is My Drug

Ladies and Gentlemen, the ice caps are about to melt, every volcano is about to explode, the earth is going to shatter into a million pieces. Yes dear readers, I am going on record and saying that I absolutely ADORE Kesha’s (I’m still not spelling it with a dollar sign because that’s stupid) newest single “Your love is my drug”. It pains me to admit it, and I really tried to hate it but somehow she has created one of the most infectious songs for this summer. While a few lyrics in the song really kinda bug me (that stupid lovesick crackhead part) and while I STILL think she’s a disgusting human being, there is absolutely no denying the fact that the chorus of this song is pure summer bubblegum pop perfection.

She has just released the video to it, and AGAIN a surprise. SHE DOESN’T LOOK LIKE A HOMELESS PERSON! I hate to say it, but with that washed hair, and the decent makeup, she looks kinda not horrible.

The video is cute, live action cut in with animation…yeah I dig it.

  • Jared

    Still hate her, still hate the song. So instead of looking like a crackhead feathered hobo, she looks like a whorish crackhead alien from across the universe?

  • ugh I know. she’s such a mess…but I love the goddamn song.

    I feel like such a traitor but it’s so gooood. UGHH

  • I’m no comment about the video but this song is my most played on my “recently added” these days!!

  • RIGHT?!?

  • Harlequin

    I think I just threw up a bit in my mouth.

  • Jared

    Every time you do, make sure to bottle it up. You can reuse it as skin moisturizer and hair product to look just as awesome as Kesha…