Ke$ha’s Debuts “We R Who We R” Music Video

A lot of Ke$ha’s haters have likened her to a hooker, but judging by her new music video, she’s been upgraded to full-on pimp. The “Tik Tok” singer has elevated music video product placement to a whole new level, that would make even P. Diddy proud. From Revolucion Tequila (is she cheating on Jack Daniels) to dating site, there wasn’t a spare second of this video that wasn’t sold to the highest bidder. The only product placement that made any sense was the quick shot of her Casio Baby-G watch. Considering she signed a deal with the company, this was actually appropriate.

Mind you, plugging products in a Ke$ha video isn’t the hardest thing to do given her videos don’t have much of a plot. “We R Who We R” hit radio stations roughly the same time when gay teen suicides hit mainstream media. This prompted Ke$ha to dedicate it to the anti-bullying campaign sweeping the nation. You would think that sentiment would’ve made its way in the video, instead of watching Ke$ha party with her Blade Runner reject posse for the umpteenth time. Directing this masterpiece is Hype Williams. Remember when Hype actually made really good videos back in the day. He practically created his own style that a lot of directors mimicked. Whatever happened?


What did you think of the video? If it’s possible, Ke$ha is even trashier, skankier and glittier than ever. God, love her.

  • still love her, I’ve come to expect her videos to be boring, the only exceptions are Stephen and Take it Off (K$h ‘n Friends version)

  • adam a.

    um wow could her video be more generic, and I love how she is trying to stand out more with what she is wearing yet the produce such a generic piece of crap, kind of like Kesha herself (a generic auto-tuned piece of crap)

  • Jared

    Huh, I bet you all those holes in those tights came from being ravaged in a hobo orgy with her. I think she proves a pimp can still be a ho 😮

  • haha OH NO!

    Once again, I’m going to polarize this.

    I don’t hate it. Which isn’t saying much. But I actually DON’T mind the song. The video while being boring, is kind of OK.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d still slap her if I saw her, but this one isn’t on my shit list.

  • gay person

    fun video–she makes being a trashy hooker look fun.

    The gay parody for the same song by Ryan Yezak got pulled on YouTube by Sony and this got released.

    Gay vomit replaced with trashy whore vomit.

  • funny that she had ‘’ in her video… lady gaga showed that site in the jail scene for ‘telephone.’


    that said, i hate to admit it, but i like the song. makes me want to go dance.

  • ahmed al-khuzae

    i loove this song

    ,, but the video is lame , exactly kesha this is how it always is , i ont see whats new

    like lady gaga may be crazy and dresses like she ran out of the nut house , but at least she is new everytime

  • Jose F Sanchez

    It’s a party video. I love it. Stop being someone else n be u for a change,bitches! 😀 lol

  • I love your song and your style! But apart from that sometimes comes with
    green eyes and some with blue eyes (very beautiful), look at the minutes 1:55 to 1:58 and set at
    their eyes .. will see how the blue shadow of her eyes suddenly appears ..

  • Diego Arav


  • my oh my it whatever now i need might be.