Trash Pop pioneer, Ke$ha, released her second full-length album, Warrior, today. Either this girl hasn’t been showing us her full abilities on previous releases or she has been saving it for the ever so important sophomore album because she just KILLS IT here. Whether you love her or hate her, this once thought one trick pony has had staying power, and doesn’t seem to show signs of stopping.

Like any true warrior, this album adapts itself multiple times, changing form, jumping high, ducking down, taking it slow, and aggressively attacking. Because of this, it’s impossible to classify this album under one genre other than the large pop umbrella. Ke$ha uses her talent for songwriting (she was an accomplished songwriter before her solo album), to explore a myriad of influences resulting in a pop music masterpiece. Who knew this late entry could be a serious contender for pop album of the year?

Ke$ha starts the album off strong with the title track. “Warrior” is a battle cry to all of her “animals” and brings the heat and energy that you’ll find all over this album. We’re then taken to the album’s first single, the brilliantly melodic “Die Young”. This song is classic Ke$ha and, in terms of first singles, it rivals Kesha’s early single “Tik Tok”. It is also the first time the trash pop goddess has featured guitar in her songs, which begins the growth that is seen all over the album. Another song reminiscent of Ke$ha’s first album is “All That Matters(The Beautiful Life)” but on this sexy dance track, Ke$ha takes on a darker tone.

Up next is one of my favorite songs on the album. On the early leak,“C’Mon”, Kesha’s infections melodies invite you on a wild journey with her. “Thinking of You”, with its aggressive drums, is an angry revenge track shortly followed by sure to be fan favorite and anthem, “Crazy Kids” which highlights the voice we’ve rarely heard in such a raw form. This girl is showing us she has a voice to back up her hyped up ego. In fact, some of the best tracks on the album include this version on the songstress. “Love into the Light”, “Wonderland”, and the song about having sex with a ghost, “Supernatural” all give the listener a sense of the range this vocalist seems to have been hiding.

Speaking of interesting voices, I was surprised to hear Iggy Pop on the album’s upbeat “Dirth Love” duet. I could have done without this one personally, but it does feature yet another side of this multi-dimensional artist.

Overall this album takes on many faces, it would be impossible to say you don’t like a single song on this album, as there really is an offering for anyone who appreciated pop music. For hardcore “animals” there is a deluxe version with 4 incredible bonus tracks. Sometimes I don’t understand why some of the bonus tracks don’t make the cut. “Gold Trans Am” and “Out Alive” are two of my favorites from the ENTIRE offering. Side note: I would just like to mention how painfully annoying it is to type the ‘$’ in Ke$ha.

Ke$ha ‘Die Young’ Music Video

Album Rating: 4 out 5 Stars