If safe to say Ke$ha suffered from the dreaded sophomore slump. Albeit not a complete trainwreck, but a slump nonetheless. Warrior only moved 350,000 copies domestically, while her debut Animal sold over 1,400,000 units. To boot, all her singles prior to Warrior all became Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 hits. On her most recent effort, only “Die Young” cracked the Top 10.

Not sure if this unreleased track would’ve changed Warrior‘s fortunes, but I’m sure Ke$ha’s hardcore fans will eat it up. “Meet Me In Space” is produced by Nathan Chapman, who’s mostly known for his work in country music. Since the following audio seems like a rough demo, it’s not really fair to completely judge it. With that being said, it’s not bad, but I can see why the 26-year-old singer nixed it. Give it a listen below and see if it was a sound move to not include it on Warrior.

Ke$ha ‘Meet Me In Space’