Homoerotic Ke$ha Remake?


Well I’m always willing to support a few dancing homos remaking a music video to their own taste. …..wait….THEY’RE NOT GAY???

NOT GAY, we just like having fun, making videos of ourselves singing remakes of songs. We’re out to make anyone laugh, and no we’re not gay, once again. Purely straight and only straight. We are just out to have a good time, and stir up a few giggles here and there.”

A few giggle here and there? That’s a homosexual sentence. Poor kids. I’m gonna give it within the year ’til they stop waiting for their parents to go to bed. REGARDLESS of some serious case of the gay face, these guys knock it out of the park with their homemade video. I may have wet myself. But just a little. So it doesn’t count right? Sigh. Watch Mike, Aaron, and Ryan turn the speakers up in the video.

  • Allan

    These guys are gayer than me…and I’m pretty gay.

  • Joe Lethbridge

    Gay or not ; this is funny as hell. Maybe I should go delete my youtube account real quick . lol

  • Peter

    It’s so sad that in three lines of text they have to defend themselves four times like being gay is THE. WORST. POSSIBLE. THING!