It’s been a long time coming but finally, Ke$ha and The Flaming Lips’ collaboration has hit the web. I have to start off by saying I am dying for some new Ke$ha music. I agree, her music isn’t really for the soul and it definitely doesn’t bare a whole lot of meaning. However, her tracks definitely get my weekend going and are always good for the gym or a run. With that being said, I was completely unsure of what this collaboration would bring to the table. Answer is, a whole lot of noise.

Titled You Must Be Upgraded, the song rings out “it’s 2012, think we’re going to Hell” and “I’m having fun while you’re having pain.” As a whole, the song is about doing acid during the Apocalypse. This concept just makes me go, WTF?!. All of this is backdropped by distorted guitars and banging that is sure to give even the best of punk rock listeners a headache. I’m not sure I’m on board with Ke$ha’s new sound but if you’re will to give her a shot, check out the collaboration below.

Ke$ha & The Flaming Lips, “You Must Be Upgraded”