I LOVE this song! In this new leaked track from Kesha, the singer/songwriter pays homage to and sings about hot boys in drag in “Pretty Lady“. In the chorus, Kesha sings, “Big hair. Nice rack. High heels. Sweet ass. Boy, you’re such a pretty lady. Fake nails. Red lips. Shaking those hips. Boy, you’re such a pretty lady!”

In the bridge, the song actually features soundbites from real life drag queens which I’ve read are Lady Lloyd and Detox. The song is fun, upbeat, and super catchy. I seriously hope that it’s on her new album and that it is released as a single. The music video for this would be fabulous!

Kesha has promised that her new album will be a new genre of music she refers to as “Cock Pop“! I’m all over it! Listen to “Pretty Lady” below.