Kesha’s Animals Lose Their Sh*t To Whistle Note In ‘Praying’ Music Video

Given all her glittered antics and that annoying $ in her name when she first started, it’s easy to dismiss her as another pop tart. In actuality, Kesha is quite a talented vocalist.

While she’s no Mariah Carey, girl can carry a tune. She even gives Mimi a run for her glass-shattering money with an epic whistle note in her “Praying” music video. When I first heard it, I was impressed and clearly I wasn’t alone.

This montage clip features several of Kesha’s Animals reacting hilariously to her epic high note. The 30-year-old singer took them to church for real. Check it out below.

Kesha’s Animal React To Whistle Note In ‘Praying’ Video