Ke$ha Gets “Sleazy” For Her New Track

Glitter addicted Ke$ha is deviating from her signature rap/talk/sing “party pop” sound for her new track. She’s going gritty and urban with the new single from her “Cannibal” album. For “Sleazy”, she enlisted American producer Bangladesh who’s worked with Kelis (Bossy), Beyonce (Diva) and Mario (Break Up) in the past.

I have to commend Ms Sebert (her real last name) for taking a chance and playing around with her sound. While it won’t please most of her fans who expect and want the same pop dribble every single time, I happen to dig her new swagger. It takes a couple of listens to get into the groove of it, but it will happen. Even though it’s a bit more street, lyrically speaking, its the same repetitive trivial structure that we’ve come to expect from her. Here’s a little sample

“Rat-ta-ta-tat-tat on your dumb-dumb-drum / The beat’s so fat, gonna make me cum,”


Did you like it? Does it have hit written all over it. Ke$ha hopes so. At least down under, where it was just released on Australian iTunes.