Kesha Recreates Childhood Memories In ‘Learn To Let Go’ Music Video

Kesha’s comeback is in full swing after spending four years in music limbo. On the heels of the soaring ballad “Praying” and country-funk anthem “Motherf**king Woman,” comes another taste off her forthcoming album, Rainbow. And honestly, it just might be her best yet.

Learn To Let Go” is an uplifting pop/rock number produced by Ricky Reed. Like the others, it contains thinly-veiled references about Dr. Luke. It’s pretty obvious the boogieman always whispering ‘It’s all your fault’ is her former producer and mentor. I absolutely love her latest song. It’s utterly joyful and the catchy hook is just beyond.

The accompanying visual directed by Isaac Ravishankara is equally great. It kicks off with the 30-year-old singer putting in an old video tape featuring childhood memories. She then recreates some of those moments with utter euphoria in the forest. Love her or hate her, it’s worth a view. It’s great to see Kesha smiling and look genuinely happy. Get it girl!!!

Kesha ‘Learn To Let Go’ Music Video