After the Sandy Hook shootings, Ke$ha’s “Die Young” was pulled from several radio stations across the US. This forced the 25-year-old singer to halt promoting the single and focus on her new track off her sophomore album, Warrior. To ensure there’s no controversy with the “C’mon” music video, Ke dollar sign ha headed back to her comfort zone- party trash pop.

The new visual starts off with Ke$ha working at a diner wearing pigtails and Daisy Dukes. For some reason, she decides to quit and soon hops into a van which is inexplicably adorned with a large tail. An 8-track is then inserted into a console and all hippie mayhem ensues. Ke$ha then goofs around with life-sized stuffed animals including a white rabbit which I’m not sure is supposed to reference Alice In Wonderland.

With her animal friends in tow, she trashes a convenience store and the diner where she worked at. Not sure what the deeper meaning to all of this is, but since it’s Ke$ha I’m sure there is none. Check out the newly-released clip below which is a little trippy, ridiculous and kinda fun.

Ke$ha ‘C’mon’ Music Video

What do you think of Ke$ha’s latest? Do you think “C’mon” will be another Top 10 hit for the singer? What’s your favorite track from her? Sound off below.