Eat your heart out – or Ke$ha will, with her upcoming album titled Cannibal. So she goes from Animal to Cannibal? Apparently it’s a companion to her first – how matchy matchy. There will be eight new tracks as well as a remix included on the album which comes out November 22nd.

“This year has been carnivorous and life-changing. I have my rowdy, gorgeous fans to thank for taking me on the ride of a lifetime. My only goal with this record is to keep them dancing. The songs on Cannibal were made to inspire people to ignore any hate or judgment and be themselves unapologetically. It’s the perfect companion to Animal and I hope you guys like it. And if you don’t like it – bite me.”

For these new tracks, Ke$ha collaborated with the following big names: Dr. Luke, Max Martin (worked with Britney Spears, Pink), Benny Blanco (worked with Katy Perry, 3Oh!3), Bangladesh ( worked with Lil’ Wayne, Beyonce). Also coming back to help with this album is Dr. Autotune. With a voice like hers, she needs all the help she can get.

Cannibal will be sold as a stand-alone, as well as part of a deluxe re-issue of “Animal.” The first single from the new mini-set, “We R Who We R,” is set to hit radio on Thursday (Oct. 14).